Program & Project Management

Talon PSS can assist your organization with your program or project management needs. Whether you are starting a new program, establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) or you need to optimize the processes and practices currently used, we can help you deliver highly effective Program / Project Management.

  • Our program management experts will keep transformative change on track to deliver value to the organization over time across all projects across the business units. We have the skills to bring it all together.
  • We can deliver a program that has a distant completion date, or series of deliverable dates, and ensure the pace of the work is constant. It’s hard to keep the momentum up over multiple years, so the role we play with our clients as a program office focuses on measurable outputs delivered regularly and consistently.
  • Programs and projects are organized and controlled to ensure that decision making is done in the right way and that the right people are involved. It’s crucial for ensuring the work is being progressed in a way that fits with the overall business case and keeping people accountable to measureable success.